Buyer - Chino Hills


This Is our first home and we were looking for someone who was knowledgeable, patient, and extremely professional. Gail was all these things and more. We looked at nearly 40 to 50 homes...and every visit was a pleasure with Gail. Every visit was well planned...itinerary, a portfolio folder with property descriptions, note paper and even a bottle of water for me and Sarah. Not once were we pressured to make an offer or feel unwelcomed. She was always available for questions and extremely flexible to work around our schedules.   


If you're looking to buy your first home or an experienced buyer and looking for an Agent...look no further...Gail's the right person for the job. 


Peter and Sarah Hong

Buyer - Claremont

Buying a home can be a stressful time. Add to this the fact that, coming from the UK, we did not understand how the system worked in the US, and that we needed to move fast. It was quite a challenge. Fortunately, we had Gail on our side. She proved up to the challenge. She eased us through the whole thing in a calm and organised fashion and always kept us well informed about what was going on. In short, she minimised our stress levels and oversaw the transaction from start to finish. She was always both friendly and efficient. What is more, she went, and indeed continues to go the extra mile (or more) for us. Her philosophy seems to be ‘once your agent always your agent’. She has demonstrated to us that she has all the qualities you would want from your realtor. We count ourselves lucky to have had her as ours.

Graham and Heather Bird 

Seller - Chino

We were very satisfied with the services of Gail Griffin as our Real Estate Agent. We have been in many real estate transactions in the past and none have been handled any more proficiently than the recent sale of our home in Chino.

Gail researched and worked very hard to find the best possible price for our original listing. She was attentive to our concerns and desires, yet offered professional wisdom and experience to guide us to a fair listing price. Once listed, she protected our privacy, while instructing us in the ways to make our home show better and more often. She represented us well as she handled all the discussions with other agents and prospective buyers. We had several improvements and building code issues that were of deep concern to us and she offered solutions that were easy to understand and accomplish. She followed up on each time the house was shown by a realtor and gave us feedback that was vital to our decision making process.

Once we had an offer, Gail represented us tenaciously. She didn’t anything get past us that we didn’t understand fully. This was really important to us. It seemed that our deal would “fall through” many times, but Gail seemed to say the right thing or make the right move at each of the right times to pull it out for us. She understands the real estate sale process extremely well, its requirements and limits. Another agent might have cost us significantly in several occasions, but Gail managed to work it out to our benefit in each situation.

We would highly recommend Gail Griffin to anyone that is interested in selling or purchasing a home. She’s highly competent and extremely easy to work with.


Mike and Anna Whiteside

Seller - Chino Hills

I have known Gail for several years. She is honest, loyal, when it comes to real estate transactions, she has excellent follow-through, which is critical in today's market. I appreciated the way she updated me daily, and would always return my phone calls.

I would highly recommend Gail as your Real Estate Agent. As a matter of fact, I'm getting ready to list a second property with her!

Diane McDonnell, Chino Hills



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